The Natura 2000 network recognises the importance of nature conservation in a living and changing landscape. Human husbandry is needed to maintain habitats, and sustainable activities such as farming, tourism, fishing, forestry, sustainable hunting, leisure pursuits and infrastructure are encouraged but must be sensitively managed to ensure that sites are protected from damaging changes.

Stakeholder Consultation
The involvement of stakeholders (ranging from conservation experts to landowners, residents, businesses, local councils, community and environmental groups, etc.) in the management planning process is necessary to ensure that the management plans are appropriate to each site and can be successfully implemented. It is considered a key element in the gathering of data about each of the Natura 2000 sites. Another important element is to inform and educate the public and all stakeholders, about the Maltese Natura 2000 sites.
During the formulation of the proposed management plans, various site specific stakeholder meetings and seminars were organised.

Public Consultation
MEPA has published these draft management plans for public consultation with the purpose of inviting all stakeholders and the public to give their views on the final proposed objectives and measures pertaining to each management plan.

Two discussion seminars were held on Friday 7th August and Monday 10th August 2015 at the MEPA Boardroom in Floriana.